AHPDX Needs to Take a Break

THRU Media will suspend arts happening to relaunch everything

For those arts presenters who opened their doors over the last five years to THRU Magazine, and before that Ambit Mag, and before that Horizon at End Times blog, and before that the Arts Happening blog, I thank you.

Arts Happening was the title for a performance review blog hosted at the InterArts homepage, from my old days as a non-profit arts presenter. It was my effort to reach out to other presenters and build synergy among us, rather than competition.

After moving on from the non-profit life, I decided to refocus on media. I am a media editor and producer with a broad education that lends itself to journalism. The easiest thing for me to begin was a blog and podcast. I gradually invited additional users to my blog and it became a magazine that settled on the title of THRU Media.

Even THRU Media is at a crossroads. We’re now doing client work and fitting in blog posts when we can. The intent to revive the magazine is definitely brewing.

The concept for Arts Happening is far more developed in theory than in practice. For one thing, we’re using generic free software from WordPress and Modern Tribe. It is purely an arts calendar and nothing more.

Frankly, the amount of energy required to upkeep a simple arts calendar is extraordinary. As it doesn’t generate the traffic that leads to much ad revenue, the project has stalled.

What I truly want to do with AH is reinvent the arts calendar, and the press release. If you are interested in developing a new platform that would liberate the people from an absurdly laborious process rooted in 20th Century publishing technology, please contact me. We can do something very good for publishers, and for creative people stuck with calendar entry positions at their local magazine.

In the meanwhile, Arts Happening will take hiatus until the labor is available to begin publishing calendar posts again. Thank you to those who have used this calendar, either as an arts presenter or an arts goer.

Please keep at it.

Christina Sullivan Art Opening

THRU Gallery’s featured artist for the month of May is Ottawa painter, Christina Sullivan. Come by the gallery on First Thursday to celebrate the opening!

Christina is new to Portland, and this will be her first art show and the first place for many of us to see her art if you’re not already an Instragram follower of hers. She is trained in the physical sciences, having attended school in Canada to become an ecologist. That career path was not for her, but the environment and her love of animals and nature pervades her work.

Plants and animals are common subjects in her work, but nature’s influence shows up in her technique and emphasis on texture also, to demonstrate her tactile relationship with the landscape. Her work draws from how it feels to touch nature — a tree branch, a rock, water — and her interest in the energies that transfer when that occurs.

She’s unsure of how long she’ll be in Portland, having only intended to stay through March, but she is here for the summer and excited to get engaged in the street art scene. Through public art, such as murals, she seeks to send messages about the environment and peace.

Come by on First Thursday and check out the Ottawa native expressing her love of nature through art — surely, there are many that can relate out here in Portland.

La Bohème Library Preview

Free and open to the public, Portland Opera visits the Central library downtown to preview La BohèmeLa Bohème opens the 2017 season on May 5th.

An invite from Portland Opera:

Join us for a special preview of Portland Opera’s upcoming production of Puccini’s La Bohème. This 50 minute program is hosted by Chorus Master & Assistant Conductor Nicholas Fox with musical highlights performed by Portland Opera’s Resident Artists.

International Jazz Day Celebration

Info Provided by PDX Jazz:

The Incredible Journey of Jazz is a free music program designed for youth in Portland that tells the story of jazz music, one of America’s treasured contributions to world culture. Through live performance, they learn about the roots of jazz from African music and its culture, its development in the United States, and current place in modern culture. In celebration of International Jazz Day, the IJOJ Ensemble will give a free performance for attendees of all ages at the Portland Art Museum’s Whitsett Auditorium from 1-2pm.

In addition, at 3pm pianist Darrell Grant and his chamber jazz quartet MJ New will be performing a program entitled “The Sound of Identity” inspired by the “Constructing Identity: Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African-American Art” exhibition on display at the Portland Art Museum.  “The Sound of Identity” seeks to highlight the connections between the visual and musical arts through pairing compositions by historic African-American jazz artists with selected works from the Petrucci exhibit.